(Video) LinkedIn: Build Relationships & Boost Your LinkedIn SSI Score With This 30 Second Tip

Here’s a clever little trick that I teach in my LinkedIn Dominance course to keep your connections invitations pristine

Are you keeping your optimizing your invitations sent box? Rumour has it this is one of the areas that LI might look at as part of your SSI score.

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***** Transcription Below *****

It’s Steve Rosenbaum from SteveRosenbaum.com. I’ve got a little tip for you. I’m working in LinkedIn right now. I thought I’d let you look over my shoulders. You know, when it comes to building relationships, as one of the four categories in your SSI score, you’re going to reach out to a lot of people.

I’m in the midst of an outreach campaign right now. And I want to show you something that you want to keep tidy in your account, because this probably affects your SSI score. And certainly you don’t want to let it get too unwieldy. Here’s what I’m talking about. Let me switch over here to my desktop view.

When you reach out to people each and every day you send them a connection message. And if you go under my network, here’s something you may not know. When you go here to your invitations, you can see that I’m very active right now in this outreach campaign, I have 195 people that want to connect with me.

I’m going through these one by one, sending them a message, something you definitely want to do. Take a look at this tab that says “Sent”. These are invitations you have sent out in the past that have not been accepted. Right now I have 178.

I had gotten up to as high as 305 when I started this. And I thought, I’d show you what I’m doing, because this is important. You don’t want to let these go too long. If you do, you could end up getting penalized. It is rumored, that this is one of the factors that LinkedIn looks into is how many of these connection requests you have outstanding.

Because if you’ve got a lot outstanding, I guess the thought is maybe you’re automating. Maybe you’re doing something that’s not right. Maybe you’re reaching out to people you shouldn’t. So the bottom line is after some period of time, you can see these are I’m at two months.

Here’s what I do. I go to the bottom and then I go to the last page here, which is page two. And I’ll just start withdrawing these. It’s a fairly tedious process, but you can get through it in 15 minutes, not a big deal. You just simply say withdrawal and confirm it. Give it a second to refresh. You’ll see, she goes away. Next one comes up and just repeat the process, go through it.

I’m down to one 76. I’ll keep doing this until I get down to the past few weeks to a month. Certainly if you get up over a couple hundred start withdrawing them. Nobody knows for sure, but I have heard it said that this could count against you in your SSI score.

It certainly could come against you when they’re looking at you. And wondering if you are working LinkedIn authentically. Authenticity is what LinkedIn wants. They want you authentically working here, building your network and not automating it and not doing spam and all that kind of stuff.

There’s my tip for you today. It is keeping your invitations sent clean. It’s an important step to log into LinkedIn right now. And go ahead and go through that process and just know that this is just one of the many things that I teach in my LinkedIn Dominance program, but I wanted to share it with you so that you can improve your SSI score in your own account.

Thanks again. This is Steve Rosenbaum, come and visit me at SteveRosenbaum.com.

Have a great day. Bye bye.

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