Pick Steve’s Brain – Back End Marketing Automation Consultation

You’ve probably heard the news… Businesses of all types and sizes, from mega-corporations, to independent “Mom and Pops”, (Yes! Even non-profits and charities) are all seeing huge increases in sales and the quality of leads by using marketing automation systems and implementing Back End strategies (aka: marketing automation and funnels).

Even better, when combined with traditional advertising such as print, radio, TV, direct mail, and trade shows, marketing automation is giving business owners tremendous leverage and increased business intelligence that improves ROI and helps them make better decisions.

Maybe you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to explore how a Back End strategy that uses marketing automation can help your business.

Your wait is over!

Entrepreneur Magazine calls Marketing Automation the next Killer App because companies that use it

  1. Experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.
  2. See 10% or greater revenue increase in first 6-9 months.
  3. Can save 15% on creative production expenses

And NOW is the Perfect time to finally gain control, and systemize your business so that you can enjoy more consistent sales increase with less work and effort!  Best of all, you can say “Goodbye” to those promising opportunities that “fall through the cracks” and the “missed sales” that are passing you by each and every day (somebody is getting those sales… it might as well be you!).

If you’re wondering what all this “Back End” stuff is all about, and exactly how Steve Rosenbaum can help your business then I’ve got just the right thing for you… We call it “Pick Steve’s Brain”.  It’s a complete 30 minute consultation where introduce you to the benefits of a marketing automation strategy, and leave you with a set of action steps for you so that you can start implementing Sales Increasing/Cost Decreasing/ROI Building processes in your business right away.

What to Expect From Me

Just complete the payment process and I’ll send you my complete Marketing Assessment Packet.  Once you have made payment you will be given a link to schedule your “Pick Steve’s Brain” call.

  • 2 Sessions
    (1 Session per month, $500 per Session)
  • 6 Sessions
    (2 Sessions per month, $416 per Session)
  • 12 Sessions
    (2 Sessions per month, $291 per Session)

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