My Favorite Tools and Resources

Here are my favorite tools that I use everyday. Many of them do contain affiliate links, which means that I will earn a commission if you buy from me, but it does not change the price you pay.

Flawless Followup – All in one software platform that also contains my proprietary Flawless Followup automations. I’ve tried them all and this is by far the best platform when it comes to price, built-in automations and simplicity. It’s also the platform that I will be teaching on and building done-for-you solutions. Full disclosure: I own this company.

ClosersCopy – There are many AI (artificial intelligence) tools out there. I’ve tried and used many of them. There are many reasons I prefer ClosersCopy. The mains ones being because of the ability to design custom Frameworks and Workflows that give you greater control than the other programs I use. I do a lot of training and provide a lot of resources for ClosersCopy in my courses. Even if you have other AI tools, I strongly advise you pick up ClosesCopy. As of the time of this post, you can still get ClosersCopy on a one-time purchase and not pay monthly. This is a another huge advantage. This deal can be taken down without notice. Get the special promotion now.

CoachGlue – You need content. CoachGlue offer fantastic content with PLR (Personal License Rights), which means that you are free to use it as your own. You can edit it, put your name on it, sell it as your own, or give it away to build your list. This content is terrific in it’s original format. It also makes for a great starting point when used with AI, such as ClosersCopy. My course AI+PLR: A Love Story shows you exactly how to do it. CoachGlue has a huge library of content. Check out their main website. Their VIP package is one of the best investments you can make.

Steve Rosenbaum All Access Courses – I’ve created dozens of courses over the years teaching everything from copywriting to funnel building, course creation and more. My members area is like the “Wikipedia of Marketing Like Steve”. As of the time of this post, the retail value of all these courses is $10,522. But it will go up because I am constantly adding more lessons and courses. I have created a super-low monthly “All Access” membership so that you can get access to everything. This is a special promotion and may be closed without notice. Become a “legacy” member today and you will keep your access as long as you remain a member in good standing.

Offline Funnel Mastery (OFM) – This is my private, inner-circle membership, and the place that you get the most direct access to me and my wonderful community. It is the longest-running and most successful community of it’s kind. Thousands of members from all over the world have come through my doors and learned my secrets to creating ongoing and everlasting success. Join OFM today.

Canva – The number online graphic design platform. After years of using Photoshop, I nowI design many of my graphics in Canva. I also provide many templates in my courses that are built in Canva. Get a free account today if you don’t already have one.

Camtasia/Snagit – I’ve owned Camtasia for 15+ years and it is still my “go-to” for video editing. There are many other options and you should use what you are comfortable with. However, I always come back to Camtasia for it’s simplicity and raw power. You can find lots of great templates and videos to help you pump out great videos even if you don’t have a lot of experience. In addition, I may use Snagit more than any other tool on this list (other than Flawless Followup). Snagit is the best tool for screen captures. Most of the on screen images you see in my courses and emails come from Snagit. They are from the same company and can be purchased in a bundle.

Pretty Links – Stop posting long, ugly links that look terrible and easily get broken on mobile devices. Even worse, if you are an affiliate and send out a “raw link”, it is easy for somebody to erase your affiliate code and rob you of your commission.  The best solution is for you to create your own short link domain like I do with “”. Pretty Links is a WordPress plugin that gives you great control over your links. I use Pretty Links on all my domains and also have my clients use them as well. If they still offer it, I suggest you get a developers license so you can do the same.

Deadline Funnel – Urgency is a huge motivator when it comes to converting sales. Nothing is more powerful than a countdown timer on your sales page and in your messaging. You will often see 3X or more sales come through right before the deadline. There are many timers out there. But Deadline Funnel is the best, and so far the only one I see, that automatically coordinates your website with your emails. It also has the best security in place so that people can’t “cheat the system” after the deal expires.

ThriveThemes – ThriveThemes is the company behind some of the best WordPress themes and tools for marketers.  I still use WordPress in my business and for my clients. When I do, I use ThriveThemes. One of the things that I like most about them is that they are marketers first and software developers second. This means that they design tools to meet the needs of marketers and business people like you and me. If you use WordPress, you should be using ThriveThemes. Note: ThriveThemes also does an incredible job of teaching you how to use their tools to be a better marketer. Head over to their site now and check out their blog for some killer content and ideas.