Get Clients Fast With My Cheapest Training Ever

Get Clients Fast With My Cheapest Training Ever


[ez_date] From: Steve Rosenbaum
Subject: My upcoming Proven-Prosecting Training

Hi this is Steve Rosenbaum. Yes, I know all the Gurus will tell you never to use the word “Cheap”… but I simply don’t know what else to call it when I’ve slashed 92% off the price that I would normally charge for teaching you my proven successful, client-grabbing techniques.

I will also totally go against their advice about this sales letter… I don’t think you need 28 pages of hype to know that this is an outstanding, and extremely generous offer that you don’t want to pass up.

The Reason Why I’m Doing This
Returning Army Veteran Marc-Ian Griffin recently sent me an email. He just locked down his first paying client that agreed to pay him $6,000 up front, plus a monthly fee. (Marc-Ian was against the wall, and almost broke. Plus he had personal problems and was in a major car wreck. This new gig, that he got by following my advice completely turned things around for him.)

Marc-Ian was so grateful, that he posted this on my Facebook Wall for the World to see:

Marc-Ian’s success wasn’t a fluke. I have taught an uncountable number of people from around the world, both Nubes, and experienced offline marketers alike, my proven techniques for taking their success to the next level. Marc-Ian’s testimonial brought my documented member billings to over $100,000 in just a few months. $100,000 is the amount of money that my members have put into their pockets by using my techniques.

Now It Is Your Turn

I am opening up my closed training programs with a brand new class, Back End Fast Start starting July 30. The hugely reduced investment in your success is only $97 for a very short time. Here is all that you get for this ridiculously cheap admission into my inner circle:
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  • Training Session 1 – 90 Minute LIVE Hands On Training With The Original Back End Specialist, Steve Rosenbaum
  • Training Session 2 – 90 Minute LIVE Hands On Training With The Original Back End Specialist, Steve Rosenbaum
  • Q & A Hangout – 90 Minute LIVE Hands On Training With The Original Back End Specialist, Steve Rosenbaum
  • Lifetime Access to Recordings of All Training and Q & A
  • Access to ZapPowee and Related Facebook, Google+ Communities.
  • Steve’s Proven P3 Bear Claw Prospecting Campaign
  • Steve’s Proprietary Eternal Touch Base Campaign
  • Special Events!
  • And More!
[/list]The Most Important Part
Just attending the Back End Fast Start is going to change the way you work forever. You will get better results with less time and effort than you ever imagined. How can I promise this? Because I am going to teach you how to leverage powerful tools that automatically do the work for you 24/7/365.

BEFS OrderBox
I Know You Are an Intelligent and Reasonable Person
Long-winded sales letters have their time and place… but it’s not necessary here. My reputation as an extremely passionate and caring instructor with proven success helping thousands of others speaks for itself and doesn’t need to be translated into thousands of extraneous words. Any smart business person that truly desires to succeed knows how powerful this training will be and how fair this offer is. That’s why I am only offering this savings of 92% for just a little while loungers. (If you come back and this button is gone, then you know that I have taken the offer down.

I look forward to including you in my next small, intimate group of successes!

Invest in your future right now.  You deserve it.


Steve Rosenbaum
Your Success Coach