5. Eternal Email Follow Up System

Step 5: Follow Up Forever

The "Fortune is in the Follow Up", and that's why today's critical lesson is going to set you up for success where most others fails because I will introduce to you my proprietary follow up system that closes more sales and prevents leads from falling through the cracks.

ConnectQualify Step 5 of 5

In this post, Step 5 of ConnectQualify,  I introduce you to "FollowUpForever" , my eternal email follow up system that closes more sales and prevents leads from falling through the cracks.

You can find links to the first four steps of ConnectQualify for LinkedIn at the end of this post.

So far in this introduction to ConnectQualify for LinkedIn, you have learned the first four steps to my proprietary lead qualification and sales conversion system. If you have missed any part, you will find links to the previous lessons at the bottom of this post.

Several years ago, I pioneered my FollowUpForever system to professionally touch base and follow up with all of my contacts every 45-60 days.

"Your follow up system is the best, I've ever seen... I want you to build one just like it for my company".

Mark Edmondson
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The results have been astounding!

  1. Many of my prospects actually converted themselves into my highest-paying clients by replying to FollowUpForever messages.
  2. I have received testimonials calling my system the most "personal and most professional", even though my clients understand that it is fully automated.
  3. Opportunities turned into sales without any additional time, cost or salesmanship on my part.
  4. Leads never fall through the cracks because the system works 24/7/365 without any additional effort on my part.

It's easy to understand why FollowUpForever works so well when you take a look at the results of these two studies side by side:

Sales Follow Up System
The first study from the Sales and Marketing Executives Club of Los Angeles demonstrates that most large purchasing decisions occur after the fourth contact from a company or salesman.

That means that you can rise above 88% of your competition simply by following up more than they do.

"Ah-Ha" Moment: Is this why your sales stink?

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When you compare this to the results that author Drayton Bird found in his study of how sales people follow up, you see that 88% of the sales people never make it past the third contact.

Furthermore, for you to make the sale follow up messages must meet 3 important criteria. They must be:

  1. The Right Messasge
  2. The Right Marketing
  3. The Right Time

All three of these must occur for the sale to happen. Since you never know when a person's situation will change, it's important that you follow up consistently so that your message has the best chance of arriving at exactly the right time.

+ Pro Tip

If: You follow up incorrectly
Then: You run the risk of dropping the ball, or worse, alienating a good prospect 

Make Sure You: 

  • Segment Your Follow Up Appropriately
  • Immediately Respond to Calls to Action
  • Be Assertive At The Right Times, But Not Over-Aggressive


Most sales are lost due to poor or non-existent follow up.  Following up consistently and effectively will set you apart from your competitors and improve your chances of reaching prospects when they are "RWA", Ready, Willing & Able to buy.

Next Steps


You have now learned the 5 critical steps to successfully meet new prospects on LinkedIn and convert them into paying customers and clients. Of course, there are many important details that are beyond the scope of these posts which you can learn and implement in my ConnectQualify for LinkedIn 101 and ConnectQualify for LinkedIn 201 courses.

I fully recommend that you invest in these courses if you are

  • A business that would like to find more qualified leads for your product or service.
  • An author, speaker or trainer that would like to uncover more qualified leads.
  • A sales person that would like to close more sales with less effort and differentiate themselves from the competition.
  • An entrepreneur that understands the importance of having a proven prospecting system in place to find and convert more qualified leads.

Note for Sales Managers

Important Information for Sales Managers and Companies with Outside or Inside Sales Teams

I provide group licenses, and training for companies that have more than 10 members of their Outside and/or Inside sales teams. Click here if you would like to learn more.

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