3. Qualified Lead Generation Shortcut: Filter for RWA

The right way to uncover your hottest leads on LinkedIn...

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Step 3: Filter for Qualified Leads

ConnectQualify Step 3 of 5

Surveys of business owners and sales people always show that finding a qualified lead generation shortcut is at the absolute top of their wishlist.

Right now, among your LinkedIn connections, you likely have qualified leads that are "Ready, Willing and Able" (RWA) to do business with you right now...

Today, in Step 3 of ConnectQualify I will show you exactly how to uncover those gold nuggets that are buried deep in your connection haystack.

But first, let's make sure that you have fully read and implemented what you learned in the previous ConnectQualify steps: Step 1 Grow Your Connections, and Step 2 Capture the Home Field Advantage.

It's important that you do things in the right order, or else the LEAC Proof Sales Funnel I'm helping you build is going to be more like a sieve with valuable opportunities flowing right down the drain.

Formula for Failure?

Only 25% of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales.

Gleanster Research 

The other day I was speaking with a friend of mine that is doing very well connecting with people on LinkedIn. In fact, she was doing so well that she had made over 3700 1st Tier connections which quite frankly puts her in the top 2% of all LinkedIn users (Most people have between 500-1000 connections which is very important for what I'm teaching you today.

Her typical day consisted of reaching out those connections and trying to get them on a phone call. Her feeling was that once she got them on the phone, she had a very good chance of closing a sale. Typically, she spoke with about 6 people per day, and closed about 3-4 new deals per month.

Let's break down those numbers:

3700 connections divided by 6 calls per day = 616 days to contact all of her connections just once.

200 work days per year = 3.08 years to speak with every connection she has just once.

Of course, this doesn't take into account:

  1. Leaving voice mail messages and suffering missed appointments
  2. Needing to have follow ups and multiple calls with interested prospects
  3. Making new connections that will make her waiting list even larger

Not only that, but by closing 3-4 sales out of a projected 120 calls per month, my friend was closing at a clip of 2.5% - 3.3%. These are pretty typical closing rates for a salesperson speaking with cold, unqualified leads.

But when you apply Step 3 of ConnectQualify, and immediately filter for people that are "Ready, Willing and Able" to buy from you right now, you might find your closing rate skyrockets to 50% or even greater.

Now, of course, the FTC requires me to tell you that there are no guarantees and that your results are likely to vary, but I'm sure that any reasonably intelligent professional with an ounce of sales experience knows that it's much better, and a whole lot more fun, to be sitting face to face with somebody that has a burning desire to do business with me then it is to "Smile and Dial" until I accidentally stumble upon somebody that doesn't flat out reject me.

as Homer Simpson would say...

lead generation shortcut

Brain Pickers and Tire Kickers

If you're a professional, then two of your most valuable assets are your time and your proprietary knowledge. You need to jealously guard both of these because there is a never-ending supply of thoughtless and selfish people that will gladly rob you blind and steal both away from you.

How many times has somebody just wanted to "Pick your brain"?

Why don't they just ask you to open up your wallet and start grabbing $100 dollar bills from you like Jane does to George Jetson?

That's why on my website I offer the ability to pay $500 for an initial consultation with me which I call the "Pick My Brain" option.

When somebody asks if they can "Pick My Brain", I tell them "Absolutely" and send them a PayPal link where they can pay for and schedule their appointment.

Of course, most people tell me that they really didn't want to pay for anything, they just wanted as many freebies as I was willing to give them.

That's OK, I tell them, I have plenty of freebies available on my Blog and my YouTube page (another reason for you to start blogging right away). Of course, I also make sure that they are subscribed to my ForeverFollowUp funnel so that my automation can continue to supply them with valuable information that will help them and nurture them until they are ready, willing and able to hire me.


I'm not telling you to ignore people that aren't RWA. I'm saying that you need to have a process set up that can handle their needs and requests automatically.

Let the system do the work and provide them what they want and need right now.

They don't want and need you. They want and need information. They will be eternally grateful to you for supplying them the information, at the same time that you are saving your precious time and knowledge for people that are RWA to pay for it right now.

That just makes sense, right?

Besides, when their situation changes, and they are prepared to pay for your services, who do you think they're going to call?

In most cases, you will be the only logical solution, because you have educated them, earned their trust and kept in touch with them better than anybody else.

Qualified Lead Generation Shortcut

I hate to do this to you, but I have to bring up a painful scenario that I'm sure you've experienced...

Have you ever reached out to a prospect, only to have them say, "I wish you called me last week, I just bought "X" from your competitor"?

I know it's painful, right?

Well the reality is, when you operate like most sales people, and blindly work your prospect list with no real sense of their preparedness to buy, then you are likely passing up somebody that is "RWA" while you speak with or try to speak with somebody that isn't.

+ Pro Tip

If: You Let Your System Nurture Leads Until They Are Ready, Willing & Able
Then:  Reserve Your Valuable Face-to-Face Time for Qualified Leads

Filter for RWA Leads: 

  • Monitor for "Sales Ready" Actions
  • Use Lead Scoring to Identify Best Prospects
  • Gather Intelligence Through Your Process

Think back to my friend that is converting somewhere around 3% (a typical closing ratio).

That means that 97% of her conversations are fruitless.

So let's say that you're 3 time better than her and close at 9%.

Well then 91% of the time, you're speaking to the wrong person...

Get my drift?

In Step 2 of ConnectQualify, I introduced you to the concepts of "lead scoring" and the "qualification questionaire" link to the "RWA Qualifier".

These are just two of the important concepts that I reveal in the ConnectQualify courses that provide your qualified lead generation shortcut so that you spend your time with people that are "Ready, Willing and Able" to buy from you right now, while also becoming a "Superstar" to your other prospects by fulfilling their wants and needs for more information.


Just by filtering your contacts, and using this qualified lead generation shortcut, you can expect to greatly increase your conversions, and turn more prospects into paying customers, while also freeing up more time to do whatever else you'd rather be doing!

​Create an automated system that:

  • Nurture Prospects
  • Educates Prospects
  • Engages Prospects
  • Entertains Prospects

Only spend valuable face-to-face selling time with qualified leads that are "Ready, Willing & Able" to buy from you  right now.​

In my next message, I'll show you how to the light the fuse and "Ignite the Relationship" with every new prospect you meet.

Be on the lookout for it...

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