[Video]Cool LEAC Proof Offline Marketing Strategy

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Here’s a great Offline Marketing strategy to create monthly traffic and conversion explosions via ZapPowee’s LEAC Proof Funnel System™.

BONUS: When you get either or both wp4fb and Offline Gravity Method through the links on this page, you will receive the private invitation link to my special Fast Track Implementation Training Webinars!

Note: If you’re an offline marketing specialist, I recommend you invest in the Development or Agency packages so that you can install these on all your clients’ systems.

  • Great video Steve – thanks for your honest and objective explanations. You have the wonderful ability of breaking things down and making them simple. I will be getting these products for sure, and I look forward to the webinar.

    Thanks heaps

    Jamie Houston – the Back End Guy Downunder (in Australia)!

  • Terrell Ray says:

    Very informative video! I honestly did not pay attention to either of those products, but i will consider implementing them in my toolbox!

    Thanks Steve

    Terrell Ray

  • B.J. says:


    I signed up for your 3 webinar series!



  • ZapPowee says:

    Welcome aboard, B.J.! 🙂


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