Local Lead Generation in Your Sleep, Seriously! Local Lead Drop & Thumbtack Snags 104 Hungry Prospects

Local Lead Generation is such a PITA!

In this Local Lead Drop review video, I’ll show you exactly how I used Local Lead Drop by Neil Macpherson and Robert Dickson, and the Thumbtack App (from Thumbtack.com), for local lead generation and to attract hungry buyers that want to hire me as their local marketing consultant.

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Why Everything You’ve Heard About Thumbtack is All Wrong

Thumbtack is a great source of lead generation for businesses looking for clients. In this video, I’ll show you exactly how I use Thumbtack, including setting up my Quotes, Profiles and More.

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I learned a lot of this from Local Lead Drop, which is a great course. They have a great “4 Step Bidding Process” that makes a ton of sense and will help you attract new clients.

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If you’re a local marketing consultant, you will get even more success from Local Lead Drop when you combine it with my Local Marketing Strategies from OfflineFunnelMastery.
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