The 80/20 Rule is Fractal

This Wednesday night I’m holding a special Success 2017 Double Feature where I’m going to introduce you to 2 critical concepts:

  1. MVP: The Minimum Viable Prospecting Funnel You Need for Success in 2017
  2. Gate Crashers 2017 How to Get Past Gatekeepers & Talk Directly to High Ticket Clients That Want to Hire You Now

My  Gift To You

Even though this is totally unrelated to the new content I’ll be sharing, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite lessons about the 80/20 rule. Just knowing this information will give you a whole new perspective on how you should be planning for massive growth. (Sorry about the sound quality, this snippet was taken from an older video).

Enjoy the video above, and make sure you join us Wednesday night!

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