How to outsell competition bigger than you (without actually selling)

Confused by that headline?

Don’t worry it all makes sense once you’ve read this short and powerful post and claimed my free gift buried inside. (Another sales lesson lesson I learned by eating Cracker Jack as a kid πŸ˜‰).

I know a lot of people hate the idea of selling anything. They tell me things like “Selling makes them feel slimy and dirty”.

The trouble is, those same people have grown accustomed to niceties like eating when they’re hungry and having a roof over their heads to protect themselves and their families.

Make no mistake about it… You have to sell, or you perish.

Yup, I said.

You can’t get anywhere in life without selling.

Think about it.

You had to sell your parents on the idea of letting you drive when you were a teenager. When you got your first job, you had to sell your company on the idea of hiring you. You had to sell your spouse on the idea of partnering with you for life. You had to sell the bank on giving you a mortgage so you can buy a house.

Get the idea?

You’re Better Than You Think

The reality is, not only do you do it, but you’re probably better at it than you realize. So, let me give you my secret to beating the pants off my competition and having a ton of fun doing it so that you can stop hating and start loving the fine art of selling!

I’ve got trophies on my wall and cash in the bank from winning sales contests and beating out companies considerably bigger than mine.

In fact, recently, while at a 7 and 8 figure mastermind event I was invited to, one of the members stood up and vouched about me…

“This guy’s a BEAST, I’ve never seen anybody drive sales like him from a single promotion.”

Well, that got everybody’s attention!

Almost in unison, the entire room demanded: “How’d you do it?”

Here’s what I shared with them…

Take a look at some of my recent email subject lines and blog post headlines:

  • Why I nearly got stabbed on my first sales call
  • My Train Ride from HELL
  • The Perfect Sales Storm
  • The most painful decision I’ve ever made
  • Why I got fired me (and what I did to get even)
  • The Best Massage She Ever Had

What makes you want to read them more than all that other boring stuff that invades your inbox every day?

Interesting? Yes.

Fun? Yes.

But there’s something even more about them…

Each of these subject lines instills CURIOSITY in the reader even though some of them are only 4 or 5 words long!

Curiosity is VERY POWERFUL.

When people are curious, they can’t move on. They have to engage.

We’re literally wired that way by something called the Ziegarnik Effect.

And the single best way to pique curiosity is by telling a great STORY.

Yes… Stories SELL


Outsell competition by telling everyday stories

Every Day Events Make Great Stories

Everybody’s got stories to tell and they can create more each and every day.

For instance, yesterday at the grocery store, I saw a lady in the parking lot physically move a shopping cart corral, shopping carts and all, so that she could park in a space closer to the store. She grunted, she groaned, she sounded like she was deadlifting a baby elephant…

The kicker was there was a spot literally 4 spots away from her, but that was just too far to walk!

My mind is EXPLODING with story ideas just telling you about this:

  • Why work smart when you can work hard?
  • How to get your weightlifting done while shopping.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s SECRET to getting great parking spots (This ALWAYS works)

See how easy that is?

My Gift to You

Let me help you become a great storyteller so that you can land more clients and sell more stuff.

Outsell your competition by telling stories
Outsell Your Competition by Telling Great Stories!

I usually sell my planner “Tell Your Story, Build Your Brand” for $49. But today, I want you to have it for free as my gift for always reading my stories and sharing them with your friends πŸ™‚

Here’s how to claim your free Story Planner

  1. Go to my Facebook page messenger
  2. Click the blue “Send to Messenger” button
  3. Follow all remaining prompts

Enter the keyword STORY (you might have to press “Get Started” first)
Follow the prompts

I’d love to read your stories, too! Come join the BEST Small Business Marketing Group on Facebook and introduce yourself with a great story!