Customer Reactivation Strategies That Work: Doctor Brings Back $22,089 of Lost Business

Case Study Reveals Actual Results From 4 Day SalesCPR Campaign

Learn how to bring customers back to buy from you again and see exactly why my SalesCPR beats all other customer reactivation strategies.  Dollar for dollar, you won’t find a more effective customer re-engagement program that works for any type of business.

This Case Study video, captured from one of Steve’s online training group is an excellent example of how one company generated instant revenue and brought back past patients for additional services.

But your benefits don’ stop there. SalesCPR also:

  • Delivers measurable stats at each stage so you can improve your sales.
  • Segments you list so you can better target future marketing and develop a deeper relationship with your customers.
  • Wakes up your list and gets them to take action (this doctor sent out monthly newsletters, but never got a fraction of the sales that SalesCPR generated in just 3 Days.

SalesCPR is one of the most sought after customer reactivation strategies because it has worked for all types of businesses, large and small, in countless industries around the world.

Will it work for your company, too?

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Why SalesCPR Works So Well


Brings Back Lost Customers

(and patients & clients, too!). SalesCPR is the fastest, most effective reactivation program you’ve ever seen.


Find Your Hottest Prospects FAST!

Watch how SalesCPR led to a whopping 77% conversion rate, saving this company massive wasted phone efforts.


Works 24/7/365…Forever!

Our proprietary “Perpetual Recycle” campaign ensures that you never lose contact with your customers again!

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