A Dozen things I can’t wait to learn tomorrow

Just one day to go until Virtual Real Estate BarCamp 3.  Here are 12 things I can’t wait to learn tomorrow
(p.s. my apologies to those not on my list… I wish I could be at all of the sessions!)
(p.s.s. What presentations you are looking forward to? Please comment.)

  1. Stacey Harmon – How to use Facebook for business development without compromising personal info.
  2. Scott Sambucci – How to answer the question: “How’s the market?”
  3. Ross Hair – How to build local neighborhood  Facebook communities
  4. Steve Schwartz – Using full motion video for Real Estate (this is one of my personal favorite things to do see “My Neighbors are a Bunch of Asses!”)
  5. Bob Stewart and Brad Andersohn – What to blog about in your local market.
  6. Mike Bowler – How to differentiate yourself (a big, big, big thing that most people just don’t get).
  7. Jay Thompson – What wordpress plugins should you use.  If Jay Thompson talks about blogging… I will listen.
  8. Bernice Ross – 10 strategies to convert more leads… ah yes… conversion is what it’s all about!  Right on, Bernice!
  9. Joel Burslem – The best web based apps to make you more productive online.  I love to find new apps and tools to keep me at the leading edge!
  10. Pat Kitano – Why is “Checking in” so important.  Can’t wait for this one!  It think Geolocation is one of the most important developments in social media today.
  11. Brian Tercero – WordPress is awesome.  If you don’t use it, start now!
  12. Mike Mueller – I feel the same way about Mike that I do Jay Thompson.  Just want to soak it all in!

Alright, I guess I have to give my own shameless self promotion plug, here… I’ve been waiting for this Virtual Real Estate BarCamp to unveil my brand new LEAC Proof Sales System™ .  Find out how to build your own round-the-clock lead generating, client converting machine that never sleeps or drops the ball.

I’ve systematized, automatized, and simplifytized the sales process that has kept me at the leading edge of customer development and sales growth for over 25 years (yes… I’m really that old!), But, you know me, I love to leverage the
newest and latest technology to make these tried, true and timeless techniques even more powerful.  WARNING: If you miss this session, be prepared for second place (or worse!) in your market!

SEE ME PRESENT LIVE at Austin Board of Realtors.  Never before attempted before a live audience… I will be presenting live without a net from ABOR tomorrow.  It you’re an Austinite, come to Abor and let’s take in VREBC

  • Will Guidry says:

    Great presentation, Steve. And thanks for the CEU-HQ.com plug!

  • admin says:

    Very excited about CEU-HQ, Will. We had over 4000 people registered today. Let’s hit it out of the park with our new market!

  • Will Guidry says:

    Great presentation, Steve. And thanks for the CEU-HQ.com plug!

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