$1000 Barf Bag

Congratulations! You’ve Made A Pledge To Yourself To Automate A “Rich Habit”

Tom Corley is a very interesting guy. I was asked to speak at an event at the University of North Carolina Alumni private club this past week, and Tom was the Keynote Speaker.

“Great, they asked a CPA to talk, ” I heard someone say. “Are they trying to kill us with boredom?”

8 minutes later, Tom had that guy eating his words and regretting he ever opened his mouth.

Well, Tom took the stage and began telling us  that he had been intimately studying people’s habits… Yes, I said habits.

Tom has gotten people to open up and let him into some of their deepest, darkest secrets and he has compiled a list of over 300 “Predictors” to tell you whether or not you will be successful.

You see, as it turns out, Tom has found that Rich People have a lot of similar habits.

And guess what?

Well, it also turns out that poor people have a lot of similar habits, too.

So, Tom now helps people recognize their “Poor Habits” and transform them into “Rich Habits”.

“It’s not always easy,” Tom admits. “After all, they don’t call them habits for nothing.”

Well, that really got me thinking…

You know, the truth is, I have more than my fair share of “Poor Habits”.  And I out and out put off and procrastinate things that I don’t want to do more than I wish I did.

But I do have a secret weapon… Something that saves me from myself sometimes.

It’s called automation.

Marketing automation.

You’ve always heard me say that if you set up your marketing the way that I teach you to, that it works 24/7/365.

Consistency and reliability are two of the biggest reasons that you need to automate.  Because we are all human, and we all have our “Poor Habits” that our “funnels” can save us from.

Fast forward 48 hours, and I’m writing this message to you at 35,000 feet somewhere above the state of TN.

So this excellent thought popped into my head. And since my tablet is dead, I had to grab a piece of paper to write down exactly how I was going to teach you to set up a super fast and easy funnel to make you $1000.

During my layover, I shot a quick video outlining for you the simple steps you can take today to automate a $1K funnel.

My video is short and to the point. It’s rough. No edits, I look like I’ve been travelling all day (because I have). It’s just the simple action steps that you need to put in place so that you can make money on autopilot just like I do.

So, do yourself a favor… Copy what I did. Take imperfect action.  Don’t worry about what it looks like. Get it out there, gather intelligence and make some money.  Can you get it done before the end of the day?

I bet you can!