How to Get More Traffic To Your Site: SEO Made Easy

You can stop worrying about Search Engine Optimization.  There is an easy way to get more traffic to your site so that SEO comes naturally.

Start a Blog.

Not just any blog.  You have to set it up right so that it is fully optimized for google and the other search engines.  You also have to have a posting strategy that works.  When you do these 2 things you will get results. (hang on til the end and I’ll show you how)

Want proof?

I’ll compare my site, the one you are on right now with the  web site grader of a random site I found of a local business, Marygrove Awnings of Austin, TX.

We’ll use a great, FREE tool called Web Site Grader, put out by Hub Spot.

Now, take a look at Marygrove’s web site grade results.  This site scores only a 63 (out of 100).  Scroll down and you will see that the site has been up for over 11 years, yet only has 45 pages indexed by google.

The search engines do not like sites like these because they are not frequently updated.  Their content gets stale.

On the other hand, this site, SteveRosenbaum.com is optimized much better for the search engines to drive traffic to it.  It scores a 93!  Even though this particular site has only been up for less than 6 months, Google has indexed over 139 pages on it!

Do you want to set up your site to get more traffic, while saving yourself a lot of money, time and aggravation? Ask me about my turnkey blog installation and training program.  In less than 2 days, you can completely upgrade your site to be fully optimized with a custom, full-featured blog installed on your own private domain.

Send me an email, and tell me more about your needs.

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    Thank you for referring your readers to SteveRosenbaum.com. I agree with you, there are certainly more indepth resources available, but websitegrader is a quick and dirty solution that works well! Keep up the great work,
    Steve Rosenbaum

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