Chris Brogan says “Grow Bigger Ears”

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Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: B Rosen

My friend Jonathan Rivera decided to take a day off from his blog… and who does he get to guest blog for him?  None other than Chris Brogan!

That’s kind of like getting Babe Ruth to step in to pinch hit for you (hats off to you, Jonathan).

So, like Babe Ruth, Chris knocks it out of the park!

His post, How to Find Your Digital Self, gives a fantastic, concise social media marketing strategy, complete with a breakdown of how to manage your time most efficiently to find and attract new followers.

This is exactly the question I get asked every single day.

It’s must read stuff… you’ll especially want to find out what Chris Brogan means when he says to “Grow Bigger Ears”, and how to make it all work for you.

Who’s on deck, Jonathan?