Becoming An Expert: Part 2

I am STOKED… When you’re done reading this entire post, check out my brand new podcast!

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I’ve been putting this off for 2 years, but thanks to Audello I did all this in less than 24 hours! Plus, Audello automatically created the RSS feed so that Itunes, Stitcher and DoubleTwist could list my podcast and put it in front of millions of potential listeners!

I mean, just take a look at how professional Audello makes this look. Talk about a credibility builder!

If you haven’t picked this up yet, I strongly suggest that you give Audello a hard look right now. I also suggest you pick up the commercial license so that you can offer this service to your clients. They’ll LOVE you for making them look and sound so good!

Would you like to achieve expert status with your own podcast?

Let me help you:

  1. Get Audello right now from this link (If you deal with clients, I strongly suggest the Commercial License because this is a whole new service and recurring revenue stream for you).
  2. I will let you look over my shoulder and follow me step by step while I create my newest podcasts.

Coming Next: Expert audio editing and enhancement tips to make your podcast sound professionally produced.
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  • Karen Shortman says:

    Steve, I’m part of TBM and have been doing your webinars (missed this week, but will watch it on replay) since you started. You’re really doing a wonderful job of helping me overcome my hesitation in selling. Emails are really working so it’s time to hit the streets. I have more confidence than ever before. Thank you for “mentoring” us on the webinars.

    Loved the podcast. You are very “listenable”.


  • Thank you, Karen! (Oops, have to fix that typo in the image 😉 )

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