Becoming An Expert: Part 1

Listen closely… let me share with you one of the biggest keys that I’ve used to enhance my credibility and achieve expert status. An amazing tool that you can use to literally put you in front of thousands, even tens of thousands of people within days.

More importantly, it gives you an impressive calling card that can be an instantaneous ice-breaker with any business or it can even help you get massive press coverage.

Let me show you what I mean…

BigBadHomeSaleCheck out the date of my Big Bad Home Sale Podcast on Itunes, 11/11/2007.  Now take a look at the article about my wife and I holding our sale in the Wall Street Journal, 12/20/2007.

How did I get the Wall Street Journal to write about me? Simple. I sent them a link to my impressive podcast listing on Itunes. Within a few weeks I also booked speaking engagements with the local Board of Realtors, Chamber of Commerce and an online university.

It all started with my podcast.

The problem is, to do podcasts right, requires a lot of work and a whole lot of ingenuity.  Producing the audio, publishing the content, creating the syndication feeds, getting the Itunes listing, creating web pages, and distributing each and every episode. Plus, Facebook, Twitter and social media were all in their infancy, so it was really hard to make it go viral.

My podcast was a huge factor in launching my expert status and in building my following.  I’ve been wanting to do more podcasts, but have not done so yet because of the huge amount of time and effort it takes.

That is, until Audello launched today.

Once I saw how easily Audello automated the whole podcast creation/distribution process, it took me about 17 seconds to jump on it and buy it. As an Easy Video Suite customer, I was able to buy a pre-release version of Audello and play with it. In less than an hour, I was able to go through all the training AND setup and create MY NEXT PODCAST!!!

In fact, I’ve already ordered an intro and podcast artwork from some Fiverr superstars and will probably be up on Itunes by the end of the week!

I know first hand how important my podcast has been to building my expert status. And it’s only gotten better over the years.

Would you like to achieve expert status with your own podcast?

Let me help you:

  1. Get Audello right now from this link (If you deal with clients, I strongly suggest the Commercial License because this is a whole new service and recurring revenue stream for you).
  2. I will let you look over my shoulder and follow me step by step while I create my newest podcasts.

Coming Next: Expert audio editing and enhancement tips to make your podcast sound professionally produced.




  • terrell ray says:

    Congrats Steve!!! I am very interested I have wanted to start a podcast up for quit some time now!! I am looking forward to your progress and watching your success!!

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