Back End Marketing Strategies Exposed!

EXPOSED! Jamie Shows Us His
Back End Marketing Strategies

Show Me Your Back End Episode 8

Jamie is now going to monetize his list with

Watch ZapPowee Certified Back End Specialist Jamie Houston as he builds a large Facebook following from scratch and then captures them offline into a Back End Funnel. This is an excellent demonstration of exactly what small businesses must do to monetize their Facebook Marketing.  Brought to you by

This episode of Show Me Your Back End uncovers integral facts that many businesses ignore and illustrates step by step what businesses can do right now to start winning back past customers.

Join Steve Rosenbaum, Zane Miller and several other local marketing experts as they share their favorite method for helping businesses ring the register and find new sales.

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Guests on the show are:

Steve Rosenbaum:,
Rob Actis
Zane Miller:

This week’s video episode covered List Building Local Business Marketing, small business advertising tips, Google+, Google Plus, Hangouts, HOA, Google Authorship, Google Publisher