JVPress Review: Video Case Study of Actual Launch

By Steve Rosenbaum | Case Study

Nov 05

JVPress is a new wordpress theme that makes Kajabi style launches dead simple.  Many of you asked how I put up this very successful campaign that has earned nearly 100 comments on Facebook, as well as over a thousand video views and countless shares via Twitter and other social networks.  This video case study shows you exactly how JVPress ties it all together.

Best of all, unlike Kajabi, JVPress does not charge a monthly fee.  Plus, you maintain control of your own domain instead of handing over the hosting to an unknown 3rd party.  JVPress is a very affordable theme that will deliver you powerful results.

Full disclosure: I highly recommend JV Press because of the great results it gives me, and therefore participate in their affiliate program which are tied to the links in this post and my rolodex.  Should you think that I’m not deserving of a referral fee, simply search for their website and visit it directly.  Either way, give JVPress strong consideration for your social media promotional strategy.

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