CAUGHT: Facebook Scammer IM’s Me through Friend’s Account

Just got finished with a chat. Pretty scary stuff having a dialog with somebody you know is a thief. Check out the chat log below. I called my Friend’s place of work immediately when I finished the chat. Maybe somebody will be able to catch him at Western Union.

PS: He’s trying to chat with me now to see if I’ve gone to Western Union

Facebook Chat with Thief:

[MS] 8:41am
how are you doing??
how are you doing??
[You] 8:42am
Hey M! Doing well and you?
[MS] 8:42am
Am not good at the moment……..I and my family are in some deep mess right now
[You] 8:42am
I hope you mean the blizzard
[MS] 8:43am
We are currently stuck in London,UK..last night i and my family traveled to London on a short vacation unfortunately we got mugged at a gun point
I was hurt on my head,writing you in tears now as we speak All cash and credit card was stolen off including cell phone,it was a brutal and scary experience
[You] 8:43am
Holy Shit. Nobody was hurt?
OMG. Can I get in touch of any family for you?
[MS] 8:44am
We are freaked out here,have been to the embassy and the police they are not helping issues at all i was ask to come back in three weeks time….Thank God we still have our life and passport saved.I Need your help??
[You] 8:45am
how can I help?
[MS] 8:45am
Our return flight leaves in 3hrs from now but we are having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel management won’t let us go until we pay the hotel bills
I need you to Loan Me some money to settle my bill and also take a cab down to airport..I will def refund it back as soon as we get back home
[You] 8:46am
How much?
[MS] 8:46am
[You] 8:46am
will that be enough?
[MS] 8:46am
You can wire the money to me through western-union all you need is name on my passport and location
[You] 8:47am
M, would love to help you, but how do I know it’s real?
[MS] 8:47am
if i was not the one i won’t have asked you to send the money to my name,as we both know i will need some kinda of identification at the bank or western union before cashing the money…as this point i will want you to know that you are my only hope.
[You] 8:47am
OK, give me all the info I need to get it to you.
[MS] 8:48am
Name : MS Address : 7 Walworth Road London, SE17 1RL, United Kingdom
got it
[You] 8:49am
What’s the name of the hotel you are at?
[MS] 8:49am
do yo know any western union outlet around you there
[You] 8:50am
I’ll find one.
When do you these this by?
[MS] 8:50am
ok..how long will it take you to have done and get back to me on time
[You] 8:51am
I can leave in 10 minutes
[MS] 8:51am
let me give you email
[email protected]
[You] 8:52am
Good luck, M. I hope all goes well.
got it. thanks

  • At least he didn’t say that he was the president of a bank in nairobi or something like that.

  • Sheri Salley says:

    WoW – CREEPER …. 🙁
    So did you hear any more from him? Let us know if there’s an update, OK?

  • Vkey says:

    Yes, I am running across this every day trying to find a puppy. I hope people aren’t falling for this stuff.

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