ZapPowee Fights Breast Cancer

My friend and fellow BEST member, Sandy Zuniga, is just one of the many brave women battling Breast Cancer. For the month of October, ZapPowee, would like to ask you to join us as we raise $5000 to fight breast cancer.

Also, Sandy is making some incredible videos chronicling her Breast Cancer battle. Please visit http://mypersonalbreastcancerjourney.com.

Watch the videos, leave a comment, and most of all please spread the word and share with your friends, family and online social media circles.

  • Mary Panek says:

    Would <3 to help your cause!!! I personally know many that are struggling with this same disease! You have my support!! <3 the new haircut and you are a good friend. Happy to help. Have a wonderful weekend!! Go Sandy you have my prayers!!!

  • ZapPowee says:

    Thanks Mary…
    I forgot to put the pledge link in the post! Here it is https://www.stayclassy.org/checkout/donation?fcid=212261

  • Will help out for sure!

  • will pledge for sure and yes – love the haircut – great cause!

  • ZapPowee says:

    Thanks, Maria!

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