Top Rated Story Branding Workbook

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Part of my unique ability to break down doors and engage total strangers is my ability to tell stories!

Funny, honest, heart-wrenching… you name it.

Stories endear you to your audience, build trust, establish bonds and just make you more likable.

Not only that, your stories are uniquely your own and automatically differentiate you from all competitors.

Tell Your Story, Build Your Brand is an 18 page story branding workbook that helps you flush out your own stories in just 8 Steps:

  • Step 1: What’s Your Why?
    • Exercise: Create a Vision Board
  • Step 2: Your Story Matters
    • Exercise: Write Your Personal Story
  • Step 3: Write Your Mission Statement
    • Exercise: Write Your Mission Statement
  • Step 4: Your Unique Offer
    • Exercise: Share Your Business Story
  • Step 5: Attracting Your Ideal Client
    • Exercise: Create Your Ideal Client Avatar
  • Step 6: Your Story Becomes Your Unique Products and Programs
    • Exercise: 20 Problems Your Ideal Client Will Face
  • Step 7: The Best Marketing Comes from Sharing Your Story Authentically
    • Exercise: Research Stories and Authenticity
  • Step 8: Unique Stories Turn Competitors Into Colleagues
    • Exercise: List Your Top Competitors and Brainstorm Ways to Work Together

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