New Customer Campaign

a.k.a. Consumption Campaign a.k.a. Customer Experience Booster

2:20 The process for mapping out a campaign
2:50 LEAC Proof Funnel™ Template

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4:15 Goals we want to achieve

  • Thank them
  • Are they getting value
  • Repeat sale
  • Review/testimonial
  • Need some help with that? (Upsell)
  • Pulse check
    • Satisfied?
    • Not satisfied?
    • No response
  • How to improve (feedback/survey)
  • Referral
  • Tips, Educate, Engage, & Entertain (Nurture)

9:37 Start with what success looks like and work backwards
11:00 The thank you message

  • Reinforce their decision
  • Pulse check

Mark’s example

16:25 Accounting for no response and intelligent follow up
19:00 Nurture campaign (Evergreen)

  • How to maintain
  • More uses, more enjoyment
  • Didja know?
  • Share with us (Make a video, take pics)
  • Our company in the news
  • Didja know?
  • Famous people who use our product
  • Didja know?

24:40 Satisfied/Not satisfied?
29:00 Referrals, reviews, testimonials
30:30 Broadcast announcements/Blog posts

  • Didja know?
  • New products
  • sales & events
  • Special announcements
    • trade shows
    • in the news
    • etc.

37:07 Seasonal reminders and events

Date or broadcast, not step

38:58 Accounting for days (Ex: 30 day warranty)
47:33 Maximizing Revenue Per Customer (RPC)
50:10 What kind of business would this work for?
53:50 This is the first step. This is the value you bring.

Can you do this?
Lay out the goals and work your way back from there by asking “What if?”
What if yes?
What if no?
What if no response?
By accounting for each of those possibilities, nobody falls through the cracks.

56:00 Getting in front of the right people
58:30 Steve’s confession

You don’t have to do prep, or examine their business, or even know their business to do this. You walk them through the process and let them give you the answers. You’re not trying to prove what they’re doing is wrong (traditional path of consultants). You’re finding their goals and outlining (defining and delivering) a process to achieve them.

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