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Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Listen carefully… because the next 909 words will make the difference in whether you achieve the success and lifestyle you desire from your offline marketing business, or you get lost in the sea of pavement pounders peddaling predictable products…so read every single word carefully… (3 times if need be)

Let me start by putting my money where my mouth is…

My name is Steve Rosenbaum. I am The Back End Specialist. I make a very nice living picking and choosing the clients i wish to advise. My clients pay me top dollar every single month to run my proprietary process that consistently delivers results for them.

Like some proof? Take a look at a monthly bank statement snapshot. Hopefully that should get you pumped (if not, you’ve picked the wrong profession!)

We’re not talking about $197 paychecks either; the smallest one was $1001.00, and two companies gave me nearly $20,000 combined to do exactly what I’m going to teach you in this course.

The amazing thing is that those were just the “Up-Front” charges I collected. These nice checks paid for a trip to Chicago, my new car for my daughter and some of the finer things in life.

But here’s where it gets interesting; I get very nice checks from each and every client, month after month. They’re not going to stop, because my process makes them money.

Make Your Customers Pay Your Rent, Your Car Note,
Student Loans and Other Monthly Bills

Sure, it’s nice to hit the “Home Runs” like I showed you earlier (and you will hit ’em out of the park, too), but it’s even nicer to be driving in your new car and know that the recurring monthly income that your clients pay you each and every month, has covered every dime of it and more. (WARNING: don’t go off half cocked thinking you can do this just by reading one simple WSO offer. You need to know the tricks that will keep you from getting into serious trouble and ruining your name in your marketplace. That’s why I’m sharing my 25+ years corporate executive training tactics with you).

Those checks are just a sample of the money you can deposit in your bank account every single month when you work this business like a Back End Specialist.

In fact, I created a business plan for your first 5 months in
business as a Back End Specialist. Take a look at your
projected MONTHLY revenue taken
from page 68 of “Back End Blueprint”…

You Get:
Everything You Need
To Be A “Back End Specialist”
Get Paid BIG BUCKS!!!

“What does a Back End Specialist do?”

That’s a great question! As a back end specialist, you will define, refine and improve the “Back Side” of your clients’ marketing funnel. You will manage everything that happens after they get a lead.

Manage your clients’ email, SMS texting and more. Create smart marketing programs that “Target and Segment” their leads so they convert better and earn a higher ROI.

I will show you how to show your clients results they’ve never seen before and they will LOVE you for it!

It’s a Wide Open Market, and It’s “Easy Pickens”
If Your Follow the Back End Blueprint

78% of businesses have BIG BACK END PROBLEMS. They don’t even know what a Back End is, and because of this, are throwing away thousands of dollars on SEO, advertising and other lead generation strategies. It’s not that lead gen services aren’t needed, it’s just that once you show them how you can fix their back end to convert more leads, your clients will make tons more profit and thank their lucky stars for the day you first walked through their door.

Finally Earn The Respect You Deserve
From Businesses That Want
and NEED Your Help

Even the biggest accounts will respect your knowledge, roll out the red carpet, treat you like a King and listen closely to every word you have to say

So… Wouldn’t you like to become a “Back End Specialist” and start enjoying the finer things in life?

People laugh when I tell them I’m a Back End Specialist. In fact it’s a line that I always use to introduce myself and break the ice.

But once I ask businesses 3 pointed questions, they stop dead in their tracks, sit on the edge of their chair, and give me their complete undivided attention. (of course, I will teach you these 3 no-nonsense questions that will get even the toughest, hard-ass, D-Quadrant Personality eating out of your hand.)

Seriously, last week, the GM of the local hot-shot mega-plex auto dealer “graciously” gave me 15 minutes to make or break my case. I made my case for a 12 month contract in 7 minutes (after 4 minutes of talking about football!)

Businesses Will Pay YOU to
Inspect Their “Back Ends”

Yes, it’s true, people pay me to dive into their back ends and uncover their biggest pains in the you know whats. And a lot of times, it’s not pretty. That’s probably why I have absolutely no competition.

You see, while everybody wants to talk about Facebook, SEO and other “Front End” lead generation methods, I make a very, very good living by asking the question:

Now What? (no, that’s not one of the 3 questions!)

“What happens after you get the lead that you paid so dearly for?”

The Problem is that most businesses haven’t a clue. In fact reports that 78% of businesses have not identified the very type of solution that I am going to give you.

Read those last few paragraphs again. Here’s the Reader’s Digest version

  • 78% of the businesses need what I’m going to give you.
  • None of your competition know how to do this.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Facebook, SEO and other “Front End” lead generation tools aren’t important… They are. The difference is that those topics are where everybody else’s sales pitch ends… and for you it can be just the beginning.

Even the Biggest Accounts Will Respect Your Knowledge, Roll Out the Red Carpet, Treat You Like A King and Listen Closely to Every Word You Have to Say

So… Wouldn’t you like to become a “Back End Specialist” and start enjoying the finer things in life?

Set Up Your Business and Start Earning
Money in 4 Days or LESS!!!

Here’s what you get:


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