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“How To Be A Back End Specialist”

The “How To Be A Back End Specialist” collection is your road-map to a thriving marketing consultancy business featuring high-demand services with virtually no competition...

Steve Rosenbaum a.k.a.
The "Original Back End Specialist"

Hi, This is Steve Rosenbaum,

Aren't you tired of trying to sell something to offline clients that almost all of them don't understand, don't see the value of, and resist with every tool and trick they can devise (read SEO, Facebook, etc.)?

Aren't you tired of competing with every other confused marketer out there.

Here's something clients will like and love and can't get enough of...

According to SiriusDecision 92% of businesses have BIG “BACK END” PROBLEMS.

They don’t even know what a “Back End” is, and because of this, are throwing away thousands of dollars on SEO, advertising and other lead generation strategies. It’s not that lead generation services aren’t needed, but once you show them how you can fix their back end to convert more leads into cold hard cash in their pocket, your clients will make tons more profit.

At that point, don't you think they'd like to keep you around. Fortunately for them, they won’t have to dig deep in their pockets because all it takes is part of the additional revenue you're bringing to them.

When you show this to clients, the value of my system will be obvious. Seriously, look at a business owner's normal operating pattern.

Let's say your client is a home remodeling company owned by Billy. 

Billy's company wins the contract to remodel the kitchen for a local homeowner.

The problem is after being paid $12,000 and completing the work...  Billy is essentially "unemployed" again and needs to pound the pavement again.​

Now what?

Billy goes on the hunt for more business from strangers. 

Get the drift, here?

Well, in the future (the “back end” of the deal), the homeowner who already knows, likes, and trusts Billy may want to hire him to do all this work too:

  • A crumbling outside brick wall repaired (8 months later),
  • A carpet replaced due to flooding damage (12 months later),
  • Mold remediation due to flooding (13months later),A new concrete driveway (18 months later),
  • Gutters cleaned and repaired (15 months later),A foundation crack repaired in the basement (2 years later),
  • And a new shed destroyed by lightning rebuilt (3 years later).

If Billy hires you so that you keep him in proper touch with the homeowner, this would all be easy money from the “back end.” There could be payments for more work and referral commissions for jobs Billy's company doesn't do directly – significant “back end” revenue.

Under Billy's current and normal operating pattern, how much of this additional business will he be able to book virtually automatically? None.

99.9% of business owners – who did the original work - will see exactly zero dollars from all this additional work.

Or they may have to bid against other contractors all over again for a shot at it with a greatly reduced margin. Business owners are the kings and queens of “love 'em and leave 'em” and it costs them a ton of business. Isn't there a better way to insure your client's future financial success?

Thousands and thousands of dollars of potential additional profit left on the table by Billy and other companies just like him.

How many Billys do you think are out there?

How many of them would hire you to fix their leaky funnels?

Why You Always Get hired...

You'll Make Big, and Recurring, Money by Automating 
Your Clients' “Back Ends”

You Won't Be An Expense...

You'll Be An Asset...


Delivering A Positive ROI!

See The Difference?

So a “Back End Specialist” can certainly add tremendous additional revenue for his or her clients. No question.

But how do you do what you do?

You get all the training and tools you will need in my “How To Be A Back End Specialist” program...

"How To Be A Back End Specialist"

Best Local Marketing Training Course

How To Be A Back End Specialist is the first and only course of it's kind that teaches you how to seize the explosive marketing automation opportunity that exists with local offline businesses.

You get 12 Full Courses divided into 4 main subjects. (These are the very same presentations that members originally paid up to $197 per month to attend)

Each module is the original recorded session of Steve teaching his Certified Back End Specialists everything they need to set up their own Back End consulting business.

If you've never experienced Steve's teaching style, you're in for a treat. Steve keeps you fully engaged with his unique blend of experience, humor, humility, compassion and especially commitment to your success. Each session is jam-packed with 1.5-2.5 hours of thought provoking content. You'll even hear Steve engaging his members and addressing their questions... probably the very same questions you will have.

How To Be A Back End Specialist is the real deal. Most of the original students have graduated the course and now continue their Back End education in Steve's Offline Funnel Mastery program.

You will quickly forget about all other "B.S." (Bright Shiny) distractions and want to dive head first into becoming a Back End Specialist so that local businesses will want to hire you!

Course Contents: 12 Videos (Over 20+ Hours of Rock Solid Back End Specialist Content)


Getting Your First Paying Client


Landing Your First Client ($97 Value)

How to find your first client and parlay your success into a Back End Empire.


Who Are You? ($97 Value)

How to stop a business owner dead in their tracks and get them to take you seriously.


Setting Expectations ($97 Value)

How to Guarantee Results without getting yourself in trouble.

Closing Deals That Get You Paid Every Month


What to Sell ($97 Value)

What to offer clients now and in the future to ensure maximum cash flow and continuity.


How to Price Your Services ($97 Value)

How to price Your Services: Not too much… Not too little… Just Right!


Closing the Deal ($97 Value)

Powerful Presentation Skills that get you Back End Business deals.

Business Tips and Strategies


Agreement Template ($97 Value)

Make collecting your fees a breeze and get paid first before anybody else.


Marketing Assessment Tool ($97 Value)

Develop a Back End Blueprint for each customer that prescribes the services they will hire you to perform.


Tools of the Trade ($97 Value)

Preferred programs that simplify your life and amplify your results.

Becoming The Highly Paid Expert


Monthly Maintenance ($97 Value)

Monthly services your clients want and need that keep you employed!


Building Your Back End Empire ($97 Value)

Becoming the highly sought after expert you deserve to be.


Achieving Expert Status ($97 Value)

How to parlay your success into fame and fortune.

PLUS... Oodles of Templates, Worksheets, & Tools That
Save You Weeks of Work & Make You Boatloads of Money!


Presentation Slides

Improve your note taking and cut down your study time!

business case study report

The Money Is In the Back End

This classic whitepaper proves the point that businesses love most and cleverly positions your unique and proven Back End services!

Prospecting Scorecard

My proprietary system for identifying local businesses that are most likely to hire you right now!

Prospecting Script

Not sure what to say? Have no fear, this proven script uses powerful NLM tactics so that businesses want and need your services!

Create your elevator speech workbook

Elevator Speech & USP Builder

One of my favorite tools for the Late, Great Jeffrey Mayer. Instantly grab anybody's attention so they want to hear all the ways you can help them!

marketing automation blueprint

Back End Blueprint Mind Map

The Original LEAC Proof Funnel Sales Tool. Businesses LOVE this and will want you to build it for them!

Back End Blueprint Implementation

Step by Step detail how to build the perfect Back End for Flawless Follow Up. Works for any business!

Even More Bonuses... You Also Get My Top Rated Udemy Courses!


Command Big Bucks:
Personal Branding & Status Growth Hacks

Become The Highly Sought-After Expert, Boost Your Credibility, Dominate Web Presence; Even If You're Just Beginning

Reg. Price: $94.99

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy:
Repeat Sales Email Sequence

Steal the actual email sales funnel that more than doubled sales & conversions for an established ecommerce business

Reg. Price: $94.99

Steve Rosenbaum  //  Author

Steve Rosenbaum's coaching, mentoring and proven "Back End" processes have helped thousands of business owners around the world.

Many of you go to sleep every night with that gnawing feeling that opportunities are falling through the cracks, you're not finding and keeping new clients or booking enough gigs, customers are fleeing to the competition, or worse yet, forgetting about the wonderful products & services you work so hard to deliver (it's the #1 reason people stop doing business with you).

My proprietary "Back End" systems put an end to all of your worries. These sales & marketing processes quickly find & close immediate opportunities for your company. They also follow up & nurture prospects so no more hot leads fall through the cracks.

Grab "How to Be A Back End Specialist" today, and finally give your business the Back End it deserves”.

Steve Rosenbaum

Join Over 3,000 Happy Customers

Looking to make a change? Trying to REV up your business? Would you like to learn proven, foundational strategies that really work, and that local businesses really want and need?

You're finally in the right place. We'll be a soft place for you to land and a learning platform from which you can blast off to your new future. Go to the button below and join us today! Maybe you'll be our next "Success Story" just like:

Made $24,000 + $3MM for his Client!

"I took Steve's concepts and signed up a client for a $24,000 campaign that closed 3 new clients worth over $3,000,000.

I have assisted clients in generating millions in new revenue using Steve's Back End Automation strategies."

Jay Harmon  //  Atlanta, GA

Got Hired As A Coach to Teach "Back End" Strategies!

"Whenever I implemented exactly what Steve told me I made money and my clients made money! When you compare what he offers I have found him to over-deliver in comparison to the so-called big names gurus."

Terrel Ray //  Dallas, TX

Fast Success For His Company!

"First 30 Days as a Back End Specialist… Total new sales have generated nearly $15,000 in setup fees, and $3500 per month.

Steve has truly transformed the direction and success of our company."

Jason Smith  //  Calgary, AL

Quit His Retail Job and Got His First Client!

"I am pleased to announce that I have now got my first “BEST” client!!! I am over the moon!

I quit my JOB on Thurday night, had my first meeting on Friday morning at 10am, and here we are 7 days later with my first client. She wants me to start with SalesCPR and is paying $1500 setup and $550 per month for first 6 months.

You have taught me well “master”!  My infinite gratitude…"

Jamie Houston //  Wellington, New Zealand

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"How to Be A Back End Specialist"...

Finally, Master the Proven, High Demand Skills, That Business Owners Really Want &Need and Will Hire You to do For Them!

Even if You're Just Starting Out, or Looking to Take Your Business to the Next Level...

Best Local Marketing Training Course

Total Value More Than $3257...

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You get immediate access to all of the material. We are so sure that if you apply these concepts you will see an immediate impact on your business just like thousands of others before you. If you are one of the few that does not feel this is right for you, simply request a refund from our helpdesk and you will receive a full refund of all funds collected today. See our terms for additional information.

Steve Rosenbaum

Is How to Be A Back End Specialist
Right for You?

This highly successful training is not for everybody. Let's look at who is likely to get the best results.


  • You are a success minded business owner and/or consultant that likes to be shown proven processes to improve your business.
  • You are action oriented and don't mind putting in the time to learn and implement proven processes.
  • You like to surround yourself with other success minded entrepreneurs that support each other, share best practices and embrace proven processes.
  • You understand that having the right strategy is the top of the food chain, and that having the right proven processes for your business is more important than falling for every new technology and bright shiny object.


  • Stubborn individualists who would rather spend years learning, and making mistakes instead of implementing proven processes.
  • Impatient wannabe's who are looking for overnight ways to get rich quick instead of patiently working and tweaking proven processes that are built for long term success.
  • "Wind Sock" people who have trouble committing to proven processes because they change the direction of their business as often as the weather changes. (Actually, it's ok if you've had trouble with this before, as long as you're ready to stop it now).

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Finally, Master the Proven, High Demand Skills, That Business Owners Really Want &Need and Will Hire You to do For Them!

Even if You're Just Starting Out, or Looking to Take Your Business to the Next Level...

Best Local Marketing Training Course

Total Value More Than $3257...

 Today Just $497!

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