Nurture Funnel Implementation Boot Camp

Cold Calling Sucks!

Quit wasting your valuable time, money and efforts trying to convince people to hire you, when chances are, you already know your next big client.

The Nurture Funnel is designed to quickly identify prospects that are “Ready, Willing and Able” to hire or buy from you right now, and to “Educate, Entertain and Engage” all of your prospects so that they want to hire you, and only you.

Only serious marketers who are tired of watching their prospecting efforts get flushed down the toilet need attend this intensive training.

The goal is simple: Build you a fully functioning Nurture Funnel that will help you spot your next big client from people and businesses you already know.

This course is a recording of Steve Rosenbaum’s live Strategy training, plus the replays from the 5 session Boot Camp led by Rob Calhoun. Rob breaks down the Nurture Funnel into action steps you can easily follow.

Nurture Funnel Implementation Boot Camp

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